Pubg mobile on linux

In this article we will be discussing about the best tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile to have a chicken dinner every time and will help you play better than the other players, as they may not be familiar with such tips and tricks of pubg mobile that we are explaining in the below article. We all know that PUBG is one of the most famous games for mobile devices.

With over 50 million downloads, this game has caused a sensation in the gaming industry. In this article we help you to find some of the most interesting tips and tricks that will allow you to have a chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile. All of the relevant information related to PUBG mobile tips and tricks is provided in this article below and quite useful in By properly following the guide, you will definitely get better results that you will definitely love those tips. Also Read : How to Hack Website.

The higher the quality of the game, the better the game. Try to set the game display speed to a higher number of FPS so that the best graphics quality can be displayed on the screen. With the basic settings of the game, activate the Peek and Fire option to light the fire without exposing others too much. In the basic settings of the game, check whether the assisted sighting function is activated or not. This feature allows you to hit the target precisely, even on touch devices. Then activate the Fire button on the left side.

This will improve the performance and speed of games, such as with the right hand, where the target can be hit while the left hand can play side by side with a shot. This will automatically open the doors of buildings and other doors to increase the efficiency of your game. Changing the size and position of the controls can help you adjust the size of your device or make it easier to access to play faster.

By activating this feature, PUBG Mobile will automatically adjust the game graphics, allowing you to easily view the best parts of the area. It can even be useful to make the most of the offer. Do not forget to place it at the edges to get the maximum visibility around you and even be able to be photographed with precision.

Follow other positioning methods that you think are really useful. These quick chat messages are useful when playing with a team. From there, you can delete existing messages and create a new one. Well, if you are in a red zone, the first thing to do is to run. We suggest that you exit the red zone as soon as possible. However, if you are in a place where it is impossible to leave the red zone, it is best to enter a building.

You can also hide inside the car without alerting other players. The trick works in most cases, unless you have parked your car in the middle of the desert. If you find the above share it with other people. Also share your suggestions and opinions on this content using the comments section below. We will always try to bring all the latest and amazing information in our blog. Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.The game is developed by the Chinese company. You can play the game easily on mobile by installing it from Google play store. This will come for Xbox one and PS4 very soon. Step 1- First, download Bluestacks emulator from their official site. Step 2- Install and run it on your PC. Sometimes, it may also ask for phone verification. Step 5- Click on the install button which appears next to the game icon. Step 8- After this, you can analyse which keys control the game and can customize it as per your preference.

Read the steps and get started:. Step 3- When you are installing the files, you need to follow some instructions that will appear on your screen. Step 4- The game will start downloading automatically on your PC. Step 6- Once done, you can now enjoy the game. Once you start playing PUBG, you can connect your friends and play with them in a squad. It helps in improving the performance of the player and let him play the game smoothly.

You must have seen many PUBG online streaming games where players efficiently do every tasks to get the chicken dinner. You might wonder what PUBG settings those pro players use. Dowload the game on your PC and enjoy the game on a bigger screen. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery.

pubg mobile on linux

Home Apps. Lets Play Pubg On Pc. Contents 0. April 16, April 15, YoWhatsApp v8. YoWhatsApp Download May 26, Privacy Policy Disclaimer About Us.This first-person shooting and killing game can be hacked easily and you can shoot down all of your enemies without ever getting knocked down. Then let me tell you that after this guide you will be seeing that all the time as you hit that big yellow Play button.

Now we are going to discuss all of these contents in a form of explanations and we are also going to understand the use of these contents. As we all know that PUBG is a game which can only be played online, the online games have the servers working in the background.

In this hack version, the programs or codes of the game are altered and these new codes are then embedded into the game and then that game is encrypted in an APK mod for Android users or IPA mod for IOS users that is available in several websites. You can search for these hacked mods on Google. This hacking technique is also in the form of a mod.

In this mode, your player will automatically aim and shoot for you by just holding a single button. This hack consists of the code which has been modified to correctly auto-aim the other enemy players for you so you can shoot them down with a single fire.

Aimbots are easily detected by the anti-hack programs available in the game server so you should be cautious to use this Mod. So you should use the aimbots carefully. I have listed some tips that will help you to get rid of getting caught:. Wall Hack is a hack which also works like an aimbot, this Mod scans the whole map and search for the objects available in the game with the help of this MOD you can look through walls too. Wallhack also gives you the advantage to show you the items in the supply boxes that are dropped from the sky so it means you no longer have to scan those houses.

As you know that the Battle Points BP are the in-game currency that your player earns due to various winning campaigns.

pubg mobile on linux

These points are used to buy various crates containing costumes. If you play the game fairly you can earn the battle points by killing your enemies and few of these battle points are based on your Rankings. You can also earn Battle points by signing into the various websites that give this offer. There are some paid sites too, from where you can buy the Battle points with cash. You can use the AFK mode for getting battle points in the game. With the help of AFK, many hackers have created a Bot that can make battle points for you.

There are many codes and versions available on the internet. You just have to write the code to move your player for some time or keep your player safe within the game zone. Once you win the game by becoming the only surviving person in the game then you will receive the Battle Points BP collected by your bot.

pubg mobile on linux

You might have seen many comments or posts of players complaining about a player which is fast than a normal game player. In this hacking technique, you can increase the speed of your game or the speed of your player to run and shoot. This is done by speed hack, which is a modification in the code to increase the speed of the player.

This process is really simple first of all you have to expose the code of PUBG then change the values of presets to depart the packets, plus sending the packets faster than expected. You just have to be careful if you use this hacking technique but try not to get yourself banned out of the game. But this mod will work correctly in your mobile devices and this mod will provide you a huge amount of in-game cash and battle points. And there are more excellent features of this mod that help you to win the game without doing much hard work.

This mod also has the features that are mentioned and explained above.This is probably not a surprising question. PUBG for Linux would add to ruling the gaming world. Are there any plans? Would love a Linux version. We can dream, a FAQ wont stop me. Who uses Linux for gaming xD it's all about windows lmao. It would be great to see Linux version.

Hope that devs already have some ideas about it. Since I use Linux exclusively for all my gaming, I will not be buying PUBG unless it gets a Linux client, or at the very least good Wine support currently " garbage [appdb. It looks fun and several friends want me to play, but I'm sticking to my guns because I want to be a reason for developers to support Linux rather than allowing the chicken-and-egg problem to continue.


There's one thing I find a little strange According to a summary of one of their dev streams [gamingcrisis. I wonder how they know there isn't enough interest to justify development.

They didn't ask if I was interested and I haven't found an official poll. As far as I gather, Tower Unite's Linux support was implemented entirely by one of their developers independent of their roadmap [trello.

It took him about 20 days from the time he started to the public beta. It's a bit buggy and only available in a beta branch on Steam, but still very playable and has me satisfied until they get around to optimizing it for an official release. If PUBG does something similar, I will buy, if none of my friends are desperate enough to gift it to me by then. According to the Steam survey which has debatable accuracy, I haven't gotten the survey in several monthsLinux is at 0.

There are aboutusers currently playing PUBG, which if that 0. The numbers would certainly be much higher if you include everyone who owns the game. If Bluehole still believes that's not enough to justify supporting Linux, I would like to know where exactly they draw the line, or in other words, what would convince them to support it.

─░leti: PUBG is most addicted game nowadays.

PUBG Mobile: 10 tips to help you get the best experience

Android is offering a powerful package for all smartphones, also providing the possibilities for the detailed access inside your phone devices. Whether you can change the UI, but also can install the 3rd party applications. You can take the feel and look of your mobile devices of Android OS by applying the customized settings. Only Android phones have this facility to avail of the 3rd party tools and applications you can install them on your phone but you cannot have the same facility in Apple iPhone devices.

In all iPhones, you are not allowed for having the stock of UI or 3rd party applications installations from outside of your Apple store. The Android OS became very popular because of the open-source feature quality that led it for the development of other emulators based on Android phones for PC. Emulator means that as software which enables one PC system just like to behave the other one computer system. Best Alternates facetime for Android to iPhone.

Complete Guide. Best Website to Watch Dubbed Anime:. Mostly Android emulators for Mac and PC are generally designed for Android experience to simulate on your computer.

Tencent Gaming Buddy is capable of handling high-end video games. Memu is a very famous Emulator of Android for Windows. If your system has very little or minimum requirements for the players, this MEmu has a capability for playing high-end video games on a computer system with smoothly working.

This emulator has offered a very good feature for playing your video games easily on your computers. It allows the highly mapping of the keyboard that makes the customization so easy for all control needs of mobile gaming.

This emulator also enables any system virtualization that gives a very good performance for dedicated and integrated all graphics. This emulator is very balanced, has the perfect mixture of graphics, power, and processing that make it the most demanding Emulator for Pubg Mobile for PC. Nox is the player of one of the best Emulator of Android for Mac and Windows. This Emulator is created only for movies of video games.

It can also handle the high-quality FPS video games without and keyboard support or clutter, recorder for scripts or gamepad. Even if it takes a little time for getting acquainted with the control, once you start playing it, then it will run all Android Applications and best games on Mac or Windows. Remix OS Player has been optimized heavily for games.

In fact, you can control the games yourself and map the buttons of the keyboard very easily. The developers are taking a deep interest in improving it so fast for the purpose of gaming. Andy is a very powerful and simple emulator for Mac and PC. It gives you access to integrate your devices intimately with your system. The main quality of this emulator is that it can sync with all other devices that connect with your system and you will not need to transfer the progress of your games.

The Genymotion Cloud is made especially for developers for testing the applications and it is really easy to use for everyone. By the use of Genymotion, you will be able to run your Android Applications on the cloud as you are using the virtual machine.

pubg mobile on linux

You will need only first sign-in on your main screen, click there to add and select then download the Android device to emulate. The PrimeOS is not basically an emulator by itself but it is an Operating System that boots after when it creates a partition inside the storage of your computer.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. This topic has been locked. This is probably not a surprising question. PUBG for Linux would add to ruling the gaming world. Are there any plans? Showing 1 - 15 of 34 comments.

Kroanvor View Profile View Posts.

PUBG on Ubuntu

Viktuz View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by yEllow :. R View Profile View Posts. Would love a Linux version. We can dream, a FAQ wont stop me. Last edited by R ; 8 Jul, am. Who uses Linux for gaming xD it's all about windows lmao. Gusak View Profile View Posts. It would be great to see Linux version.Shooter survival PUBG Mobile still no signs of cooling after 1 long time to storm the gaming market in the world. Gamers still day and night join the fierce arena to become the only one to win.

However, to do that is not simple, you must fight with more than players to play through the weapons and equipment acquired along the way. Here are tips for newbies to get ready to step into this dangerous battle map.

Because PUBG Mobile is an online game, so to play the game smoothly, you have to prepare a good network connection, otherwise it will be extremely inhibited when encountering jerks and lag. If you do not want to be interrupted when playing games, you should consider turning on 4G to unfortunately lose WiFi connection, we will immediately be replaced with mobile data. Sure, for many people, playing mobile games has to be carefully calculated if you don't want your smartphone to be sluggish.

Also during the game, turn off all background running applications, use battery saving features, etc. With the minimum configuration that the game offers you should look for a device with a configuration equivalent to the recommended configuration. We can not talk to teammates using only external speakers, the use of headphones with a mic will help players focus as well as quickly navigate and remind friends when there is an enemy behind or quickly pick up things when you're nearby.

When chatting with friends, the gaming process will be much better, bringing a sense of authenticity to the player. Investing in a headset with a mic to chat clearly with your teammates and listening to the surrounding sound is a wise investment. If you are a professional gamer, it is probably too small to customize or set up the game, but for newbies, you should find all the settings to arrange the buttons to your liking.

That will help you easily adapt in a new environment. The game PUBG Mobile brings a lot of customization, so you absolutely get a complete setup interface on your own. If you have just played PUBG Mobile, there will be countless questions that cannot be answered, so to get acquainted with the game, play solo before switching to Due or Squad with friends.

Just like with other survival shooters, you will encounter a lot of difficulties in the process of playing, but we also need a separate battle tactics to minimize unnecessary risks.

Running so fast to kill opponents or hide is still a problem forever difficult to find answers due to the skills of each player. In the first place when landing from the parachute, quickly run quickly in a predetermined direction to get the best weapons before letting the opponent take them all.

The first items will be of great value, if you go after someone it must be a waste item that they do not even want to use. Therefore, we must master the situation, if not brave enough to jump into a crowded area with lots of inviting items, we should look for a deserted area not too far from the flight line to keep ourselves safe.

In addition to enemies in the game, the circle will gradually shrink, it is an obsession with all gamers because it is completely capable of defeating you at any time.

In order to avoid a casual death without touching your opponent, you should regularly look at the map to look for the location of the circle and have a careful move plan to keep yourself in a safe area. Each gamer will have different ways of fighting, but how to get the best effect is not that simple. We have 2 main approaches: 1 is to fight frantically with people you meet in a frontal or sneaky way to become shadow ninja warriors to fight intelligently with clear tactics.

Many places can be safely hidden, such as abandoned houses, bushes, rocks, etc. Need to drink plenty of water and medicine to continuously heal, take damage while standing outside the bo longer and most importantly must have tier 2 or higher helmet armor, so the chances of survival are high.


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